Tuesday, 6 September 2016

LR-EVP730 LR-M11 LR-ML720 IP Camera Scam

Hello Online Spy Shoppers of South Africa,

How to Avoid being Scammed!

1. Do some background research, on the companies involved!
2. Check for social medal profiles and dates on posts!
3. Double check all email accounts and contact info!
4. If there's a website, see who designed it and take down their details!
5. Take your time, never rush payments!
6. Save all contact info, emails etc!
7. Search for related scams online!
8. Ask questions, they are Free!
9. Wait for payment to clear!
10. Triple check payments!

An Indoor Camera that seems to be under the Spy Scam Alert for well over a year now, is the LR-EVP730, LR-M11 and LR-ML720.

This is an IP Camera, mostly used within Clinics, Doctors rooms and rarely used as a Nanny Cam but seems to be getting a lot more attention than my most popular Spy Gadgets. So i decided to write this Spy Shop Blog and started doing some investigating into this, as someone is creating tenders and sending them out over the last 16 months or so.

After doing some checking, i have found that whoever creates these tenders, is also creating a few fake websites. One or two for the tender origin and then one or two that would claim to stock the LR-EVP730, LR-M11 and LR-ML720. IP Camera, all in the name of creating a fake paper trail.

Trust me when i say, "No one has the finance or warehouse space to stock 175 IP Cameras that cost $300 each, which just so happen to be in stock for this tender". Come on now, think about it logically.

They then make the tender publicly known and also post the info on various tender websites, requesting 90 to 200 LR-EVP730, LR-M11 and LR-ML720 Cameras and at the same time, inform everyone there is a very tight time constraint.

This will then put pressure onto the companies/individuals that have accepted/applied for the tender and this forces them to overlook a few security issues and not do any background checking on where the tender came from.

Most of the individuals/companies i have been dealing with, don't even know what the camera looks like! Which is extremely shocking, as it shows a serious lack of research and the willingness to believe anyone's BS!


They will then make the honest mistake of paying for the 90 to 200 LR-EVP730, LR-M11 and LR-ML720 IP Cameras, (which would cost in the region of +/- R300,000,00) to the fake website that "stocks" the Indoor IP Camera and forget about their money clearing from the fake website where the tender came from.

I have looked online more over the last 3 months and can't find their websites, they are starting new websites and deleting them faster than quick. Obviously, only after they've managed to score big and then they'll close down their websites. then vanish!

We do not keep the LR-EVP730, LR-M11 and LR-ML720 in stock at our Spy Gadget Warehouse in South Africa, but we can order it from our Spy Camera Supplier. This process will take +/- 4 weeks to arrive, due to customs and international import inspections.

This is just some friendly Free Advice from Spy Shop SA (we've been online for +/- 8 years now).
If you suspect something dodgy AF is happening, then it probably is and it's a scam!

We are Registered and Legitimate LR-EVP730, LR-M11 and LR-ML720 IP Camera Suppliers.

Anything else, simply contact a 007 Agent or feel free to browse us online everywhere -

Please Contact Spy Shop South Africa or Online 360 for a FREE LR-EVP730, LR-M11 and LR-ML720 Quote

Happy Safe Shopping Online!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Which is the Best Nanny Spy Camera for Me?

Buy Nanny Cams Online

Buying a Hidden Nanny Camera can be a little tricky these days, as there are so many options available on the Spy Gadget market.

A few examples of these Covert Camera options are Spy Clocks, Wall Mounted Spy Clocks, PIR Sensors with HD Cameras, CCTV PIR Kits, Hidden WiFi Devices, GSM Mobile Devices and Mini Audio and Video Bugs.

I'm sure you have a hassle trying to decide which Gadget is better suited and better equipped to handle your problem at hand.

Ask yourself about the Nanny Spy Gadget needed.

1. Do i need a Covert Discreet Cam or a CCTV Unit?
2. Do i need a Night Vision Camera?
3. Do i need Motion Detection?
4. Do i need a Portable Mini Gadget or Wall Mounted Device?
5. Do i need a Live Viewing Gadget for my Android or iPhone?
6. Do i need a WiFi Camera for Live Viewing?

Email me your answers and i will base some suggestions on that.

We will always suggest Security Devices we currently have in stock.
This simply means we can get the Surveillance Units to you in an average time of 3 days or so.
Depends on your location, as there are areas which are classified as 'Remote Areas' and deliveries to these areas take an average of 5 days.

Top Spy Gadget list and where they are best used.

Close Encounter Surveillance
HD Button Cameras, Spy Pens, 007 Watches with IR Sensors, Cap Camera, Cross Cam, Body Worn Gadgets, Key Ring Covert Remote, Spy Tie
Recording a Bedroom / Lounge
Wall Mounted Clocks, Desktop Spy Alarm Clocks, PIR Sensor with Hidden HD Camera, Picture Frame with Wide Angle Hidden Camera, CCTV Systems
Live Mobile Viewing
GSM Cameras with Sim Card, WiFi Devices with Motion Sensors, IP CCTV Kits, PTZ P2P

If you are still unsure about the Covert Nanny Device you need, email us and we will call you back.